Shanghai Wang Bang Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.
Address: 38 South Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, Sichuan, No. B728
Tel: +86-21-63337668
Contact: Mr. Liu +86-139017176488
About us

Shanghai Wang Bang Garment Accessories Co., Ltd.Shanghai Wang Bang Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. is Bang Wang Fujian Hardware Factory opened in clothing sales company in Shanghai, the company sold products produced by own factory in Fujian. Factory set product development, production, sales, professional production of metal accessories and apparel luggage hardware accessories, such as alloy buckle, Snap Button, belt head, D-ring, ring the mouth the word, word on rings, buckles , bag buckle, zipper film, metal plate. , You refer to were a variety of diverse options, or to design custom-made for your kind Contributions.
Product with your request, will be the best quality and most reasonable price return your trust in us; Oriental traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to make sophisticated technology products as perfect for each well; Western classical elegance and stylish design so that each a unique product. Item in stock items, sections design is my wisdom, faith and earnest efforts of the crystal. The company self-built factory, the factory consists of the development department, molding department, die-casting department, stamping department, the Department of polishing, plating department, have regular stock in Shanghai, from the mold to provide one-stop service to sales, product environmental plating required to export standards. "Convenient, fast, high-quality" is our belief and purpose; efficient and pragmatic management of the supply of goods to make your speed is no longer blocked.
"Quality is our life, time is our duty." In order to achieve "win-win" common goal, we have a strong hand reached out, looking forward to the grip with your hands.

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